Passing the exam

Bryan is officially a blacksmith after passing his journeyman exam.

In a delightful news from the world of craftsmanship, we are pleased to announce that our apprentice, Bryan, successfully passed his journeyman examination as a blacksmith last week. This achievement officially qualifies him as a metalworker, and we warmly welcome him to our forge.

Bryan was able to shorten his training period by six months due to his outstanding performance during his apprenticeship. This remarkable accomplishment reflects his dedication and commitment.

Particularly in the practical part of the examination, Bryan impressed the examiners with his forged masterpiece. His creativity, precision, and craftsmanship left a lasting impression on everyone involved. With an overall grade of 2, he has secured a well-deserved completion.

We would like to congratulate Bryan again with all our heart for this success and welcome him further in our team.